Sounds of Santa Cruz Island: The Intern Event

The big P&G Oxnard Intern event this year consisted of a full day’s outing at Prisoner’s Island, a section of the larger Santa Cruz Island followed by a dinner back on the mainland with all the interns, Corky and his wife Beth (the “parent” figures of us all), and a few of the interns’ managers.  But I’ll just let your ears experience the rest.  Here’s to a day defined by unforgettable sounds…


…of the creaky wooden boards on the dock as 100 or so people lined up to board the boat, which rocked slightly side-to-side in the water.

Ocean Spray

…of the occasional spray of water off the side of the boat as it hopped along the waves, creating a rainbow on the water’s surface glistening in the sunlight.

…of the exclamations of those who were hungry and the slight moaning of those of us who had felt seasick once we reached our section of the island where we were completely alone.  But after Corky took out his magical, bottomless picnic baskets of food, all you could hear was quiet munching. 

…of the rattling of bushes next to us as we hiked up the slopes of the island, sparking conversations about snakes and other unpleasant creatures. 

Island flowers

Ocean View…of the distant rumbling of ocean waves the further we climbed, and the wind that picked up its pace, as did our breaths. 

…of the round, smooth rocks that made up the sandless beach hitting against each other under our feet every time after the waves came in and the water rushed back into the ocean.

Lone Island Walk

Wading on the Beach

…of Ryan’s girlish extremely masculine, high-pitched low guttural shriek roar when he and Boris made the decision to swim out into the freezing water, and he stepped on something (“a shark”) that supposedly shot up past his leg.

Island Fox…of the soft crackle of leaves underneath the feet of the small island fox, in comparison to the loud crunch of our own when we tried to follow it.

…of the pitter-patter of seagulls landing on the tarp roof above Andrea’s Seafood where we ate dinner.

Heading Back

…of the joyful bickering over ice cream at the end of the day by the harbor, when stories of our experiences with each other throughout the summer all came out in full form with unabashed laughter and all of our true colors shining brightly through.

…of the silent anticipation around the table as I sat with my hands hovered above my overturned cup, about to do the “Cups” routine (see this or this).

Island Views

…and of the quiet whispers of the water swishing underneath the docks as we walked back to our cars under the calmly pinkish evening sky.


Thank you, Corky and Beth, for arranging such a wonderful, unforgettable day for us!

New Family

Los Angeles: InSights

A few of my weekends exploring Los Angeles this summer– in pictures.

Seal Beach Sunset Seal Beach SunsetSunset at Seal Beach- Orange County, CA

Hollywood Hike

Hiking up to the Hollywood sign, with views of Griffith and the LA skyline along the way.


A adorably friendly baby girl I met on the train to LA named Elna.  

Dancers- Los Angeles Plaza Park Los Angeles Plaza Park

Traditional dancers at Los Angeles Park Plaza, just outside Union Station.

Olvera Street
Olvera Street Market

Olvera Street open-air markets, with the smell of fresh Mexican food in the air.

Sundial on Olvera

Sundial in front of Avila Adobe, the oldest standing house in Los Angeles.

Entering Chinatown Chinatown Sidewalk

The unmistakable entrance to Chinatown.

Our Lady Queen of Angels- La Placita

Our Lady of the Angels, La Placita Church.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown LA.

"Peace on Earth" Fountain

“Peace on Earth” Fountain outside Los Angeles Performing Arts Center.

Walt Disney Concert Hall photos at the Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall lets out after a performance–pictures of pictures.  

LA Times

LA Times on the windows.

Little Tokyo

The end of the day– refreshed in Little Tokyo.