And Then There Was 2014.

This blog has been a bit quiet recently.  This past semester had me wrapped around its little finger and I faced what was probably my most challenging several months, academically and personally.  But it’s over, and with a finished semester and a holiday vacation comes time for reflection. Google did a fantastic job recapping the year for the world in Zeitgeist 2013.  What has this year meant for me?
  • Big Ben, Feb 2013
    Big Ben, Feb 2013

    2 new countries on my passport (UK and Mexico)

  • Finishing a year-long endeavor to watch all of the FRIENDS episodes with two of the besties
  • Traveling to 4 new states, 2 new national parks, and many more of this country’s geological wonders
  • Experiencing the strength of a community after the Boston Marathon bombings
  • Dolphin Kiss, Cancun, Dec 2013
    Dolphin Kiss, Cancun, Dec 2013

    Para-sailing and swimming with dolphins in the first ever Gururaj-Hukeri-Kanmadhikar 17-person-vacation “big family” vacation (more on this to come!)

  • Seeing old friends graduate and move on
  • The MIT Brass Rat, companion for life
Brass Rat, Jun 2013
MIT Ring Delivery, May 2013
  • The first time I’ve ever lived truly on my own
  • Falling in love with Pentatonix
  • A new family in Southern California
  • Putting on the best a cappella concert at MIT this fall (alright I’m a bit biased) with my favorite singers on campus.
MIT Ohms, Nov 2013
  • The sweetest of friendship
  • Sweat, tears, success, failure… and so much more.
And now it’s time to welcome the New Year with some of my closest friends and family.  Decorations? Check. Dance playlist? Check. Fondue? Check. Champagne/sparkling cider? Check.  Anderson Cooper in Times Square? Check.  2014, we’re ready.