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When Productivity Fails: Laugh

I wrote this last night, but the horrific internet monster in our apartment decided it didn’t want me to connect to the outside world, so I couldn’t post it.  Here it is!  

When I opened my computer just now, the intention was to blog about my weekend in Thailand.  Only then, my roommate, Felicia, decided to finally act on my earlier request to push the beds against the wall and despite putting all of her body weight (which is like nothing) into moving the bed, it didn’t budge.  So then I got up to help her.  Distraction #1.  Felicia got a splinter.  So guess who ended up moving the beds?  (it was me by the way, in case you couldn’t guess).  (also, fyi, I speak parenthetically a lot.)  Back to the computer.  Only then two more of our roommates came into the room to listen to music.  Distraction #2.  You don’t want to be with the Tiong Bahru girls if you want to get anything done. (Side note: at first we called ourselves the “Girls of Tiong Bahru” but then we decided that sounded… well, you know…)  (another side note:  in the time it took me to write this last side note, I was distracted 3 times.)  Something was bound to happen.

And it did.  In an attempt to help Felicia with the splinter, our premed roommate, Elana, hovered over her with this indescribable mad scientist/surgeon face, which of course set us off.  Distraction #3 (or 6 depending on how you’re counting).  So of course our other friend, Preeti, (holder of an unofficial master’s degree in creeper camera usage) convinced Elana that she was going to take a picture, so would she kindly make this face again.

If only I could actually take credit for this awesome picture…

After the 4th or 5th time of telling Elana to please repeat the face because she “didn’t get it on camera” I finally decided to enlighten her of the fact that the camera had actually been recording video.  Distraction #4 (yes this one was my fault).   If our neighbors hadn’t heard our laughter before, it was now a certain fact that the entire block did, because we were LOUD.  Like if laughter actually extends your life, we might actually live forever.  And when Felicia mentioned the words “pillow fight,” I couldn’t resist (I mean, really, who can?).  Note:  being ticklish is not a good asset to have in a pillow fight.

This is the story of what happens in the hours of night while Anisha tries to blog and fails miserably because she has amazing friends who love to laugh.  And I guess laughter doesn’t always have the right words.  Phuket, you will just have to wait.